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Red, White & Blazers (2014)
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UW MadHatters FAQ

Q: How long have you been in existence?

A: We were born in Madison, WI in 1997 and are going to become legal adults soon!

Q: Where can I get CDs?

A: All of our music is available digitally on the iTunes or digital music stores or at We also sell CDs and other merchandise at most of our performances.

Q: When will your next CD come out?

A: We released Cheer on Tap in December of 2010, All Nighter Spring 2012, and Red, White & Blazers in Spring 2014. Our next CD should be coming out in 2015 or 2016!

Q: Do you use any instruments or drum machines on your albums?

A: No way baby, our music is all natural… aka comes from our mouths. Unlike other "normal" bands, we are our instruments. Everything you hear was created by our voices, sometimes mixed with some studio magic.

Q: Do you do private parties, charity events, concerts at schools, etc?

A: We can perform at any type of social event. We are more than willing to be booked for private parties, charity events, concerts or in your bedrooms. Seriously, we sing lullabies. Check out the Contact page for booking info.

Q: How can I find out about your upcoming performances, albums, and projects?

A:Check our Facebook pageTwitter feed, or our website! Trust us, you should bookmark them. Or better yet, make one your homepage.

Q: Where can I get tickets to your shows?

A: Tickets can be purchased online, over the phone, or at the box office of the venue (i.e. Orpheum, Overture Center, Union Theater) close to our concert date. And, if you’re adventurous, you can buy tickets directly from one of us. In fact, we encourage it.

Q: Where do you guys get your arrangements?

A: Other than the standard oldies (i.e. In the Still of the Night, Goodnight Sweetheart, etc.), all the songs we sing are our original arrangements. Our song list describes our personalities… we’ll do anything for fun. Ryan currently does almost all of the group's arranging. Check out the Repertoire page for more info.

Q: How many guys are music majors?

A: The great thing about our group is that we come from all walks of life, all parts of the country, and all backgrounds. Only one guy in the group is a music major! Check out our Members page for more info. Here you can find out our names, areas of study, and original haikus composed by each member. Also, you can study our pictures so you can stalk us on the street.

Q: Did all of you sing prior to joining the group?

A: Of course! We’ve all at least sang in the shower before joining the MadHatters. That’s how we actually hold auditions… in the shower.

Q: What is an audition like?

A: As needed to replace departing membership, auditions are held in the Humanities building. The number of guys we take each semester depends on the number we have lost (due to graduation, transfers, or studying abroad) but we try to keep the group between 13 and 16 guys. Musicianship is very important to us, but also important is your personality. If you audition, the best advice we can give is to just be yourself and have fun. Auditions are very competitive with sometimes over 100 guys competing for just a few spots. An audition consists of singing vocal warmups (to test range), pitch recitation (to test your ear), singing a verse and chorus of a favorite POP song a cappella, and a series of questions to get to know you better. After all solo auditions are completed, we narrow the number of guys down and hold callbacks. At callbacks, we have you learn and perform a MadHatters song with us and the other auditioning guys. Email us for more information on auditioning for the MadHatters.

Q: How do you decide who sings each solo?

A: When an arrangement is finished and we have learned it as a group, we hold solo auditions. Any guy that feels they can sing the lead part on the song leaves the room, leaving all guys not trying out in the room to vote on their top picks. Guys trying out for the solo then come in one at a time and sing along with the original song or to piano accompaniment and we all vote and narrow it down to two guys. The top vote getter is the soloist and the runner-up is the alternate, in case the first guy has to miss a gig or practice.

Q: When are you going on tour next?

A: We will begin planning our next tour soon. Any ideas? Contact us!

Q: Do you get paid individually for your performances?

A: No. We all participate for the chance to make music and goof around with friends. The money that our group makes from gigs and merchandise sales goes towards tours, booking big shows, and recording new CDs. We also often donate money, CDs, concert tickets, and goods to local charities and causes we see fit.

Q: How are you affiliated with the UW or the School of Music?

A: We are a self-sufficient, student run organization. The University recognizes us as a registered student organization, but we are not affiliated with the School of Music or University itself beyond that.

Q: Can we date you, kiss you, marry you, etc.?

A:According to the Magic 8 Ball, “Signs Point To Yes.”










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